Duckroad's First month update:

1-Added Immortal stones drop for FGW Ghost Sereness
-1* drops 1 stone with 30% chance (To prevent abusers)
-2* drops 1 stone with 50% chance (To prevent abusers)
-3* drops 1 stones with 100% chance + 20 arena coins.
-4* drops 1 stones with 100% chance + 30 arena coins.
2- Added Titan Uniques spawning every 12 hours (12 AM, 12 PM Server Time) dropping arena coins.
(Tiger Girl, Cerberus and Captain Ivy modified to be STR uniques to balance between INT and STR)
Tiger Girl: 8 Arena coins
Cerberus: 10 Arena coins
Captain Ivy: 12 Arena coins
Uruchi: 8 Arena coins
Isytaru: 10 Arena coins
Lord Yarkan: 12 Arena coins
Demon Shaitan: 15 Arena coins
3- DeathBone will spawn in front of Alexanderia's East Gate every 20 hours.
(Drops 8x immortals stones & 800 silk)
4- Medusa will appear in front of Samarkand's South gate, every 20 hours. Same drops.
5- New 2x Uniques has been added for STR players.
(Hunter -STR) at Jangan dropping 1x gold coin - 1x immortal - 25 arena coins.
(Dragon -STR) at Donwhang dropping 1x Silver coin - 1x immortal - 25 arena coins.
Respawn time is every 8 hours.
6- Added 100 silk drop for Apis.
7- Added 2x Job Uniques spawning in the Job Temple (Eris)
Each drop (3x silver coins - 2x gold coins - 200 silk -5 immortal stones) Respawn every 15 hours.


1-Samarkand now has (101~110) Monsters.
2-Enabled Hotan Trade Route.
3-Honor buff updates every 3 hours.
4-Increased monsters spawn rate.
5-Battle Arena monsters spawn has been fixed.
6-AFK more than 3 minutes at Battle Arena will be sent to town.
7-Added restart/exit cooldown in job mode.
8-Exchange is now enabled in job mode.
9-Unique event schedule changed to 10 AM and PM.

Uniques Drop

To make it a bit challenging for the players we added some interesting drops to all uniques starting from Tiger Girl and ending with Medusa.

All uniques normal drops (Reverse / Global / Immortal Stones).
ROC drops 8x (100) silk scroll / (8) Immortal Stones.
Medusa drops 8x (100) silk scroll / (8) Immortal Stones.
HWT Uniques drops ( Gold coins / Silver Coins / Immortal Stones / Global ).
Job Temple Uniques drops ( 5 Immortal stones / Gold Coins / Silver Coins / Global ).
Jupiter Uniques drops (25 Arena coins / 50~150 Silk).


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