Changelogs: 22.07.2020 Server Update

1-Consignment Merchant NPC has been removed.
2-Moving speed scroll at item mall has been decreased from 150% to 120%.
3-Berserk, Pets and Resurrection Scrolls is disabled inside the FW.
4-Decreased Roc HP.
5-Added a New Window (Fortress War Kill Counter)
6-Fixed Jupiter Uniques Skill effect.
7-Added New Windows
*Grant Name
*Title Manager
*Dynamic Ranking (Uniques & Honor)
*Unique History
*Event Schedule
8-Berserk Quests has been completely removed.
9-Holy Water Temple now has a chance to drop you Immortals & Gold Coins
10-Normal Uniques respawn time changed to 1 Hour
11- Fixed some of the visual bugs.
12- Astral has been removed.
13- Immortals and Astral 10th degree has been removed.
14- Page expansion has been removed.
16- Added a title storage, you can find it at our special menu window.
17- Increased Arena coins reward (15 for winner - 7 for loser).
18- All items at npc are now FB +7, you can purchase them for 1 gold.


Our Beta server is online now.

Beta Phase: 17/07/2020

We understand the importance of the beta phase, it decides wither the grand open is successful or not, so, we decided to start our beta phase at 17/07 for 7 days we will test everything, and to make sure all beta testers that shows efforts in the testing. We promise to reward the active players during the beta with silk up to 500 silk.


  • We are promising to present something different. We promise to deliver a stable long-term game, unlike the others that kept promising and lied, the people who kept relaunching just to suck money out of you, we only asking you for a chance and we will prove our good intentions. We want to bring back the golden era of the 11 degree.